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What we do

At GHEP we are experts in delivering innovative health awareness events and campaigns having worked in the field for over 20 years.  Our unique health education tools ensure what is learnt is retained.  Studies show 80% of visual learning is retained vs 20% of spoken learning.

We create awareness events which enable and empower individuals to take responsibility for themselves and their family's health, reducing the risk of late diagnosis of diseases, absenteeism and the burden on the national health services in a ‘one stop shop’.

Our current focus is bowel/colorectal cancer, one of the most treatable cancers if diagnosed early.

Every 2 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer. CRUK

Cancer accounts for 31% of all long term sickness claims and employee absences.

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Who are you?

You might be an HR manager, business owner or site foreman, education authority, occupational health agency, health festival, charity or a not for profit organiation.

Health education has often been viewed as an optional extra, not as a strategic imperative. However, ill health increases your bills and leads to loss of production, social problems, reliance on benefits, early retirement and premature death.


Preventing ill health is therefore advantageous to any community. Strategically designed investments in community health – both physical and mental – show huge rewards both in terms of money and wellbeing.

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Your employees

The workplace has enormous potential as a setting for improving the health of adults. Health education and motivation to lead a healthier lifestyle coupled with effective disease prevention requires fewer company

resources. This is not only cost effective but yields a return on investment.

£29 Billion

The annual cost of sickness absence for UK organisations 

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Earlier diagnosis makes it more likely that patients will receive treatments that can save lives.


How it Works

Book a unique awareness event!

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Bespoke Package

Enquire about a bespoke package to suit your company or event 

All events include additional take-away information and leaflets.



Enquire about our prices for your small or large colon which will last you many years!

Includes, pump, sandbags, branding and optional extras.


40 people per hour


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Who are we?

GHEP was established by Jola Gore-Booth to help raise awareness of colorectal/bowel cancer using an innovative education tool - an inflatable walk through bowel designed and developed by Jola - which has travelled around the globe promoting the risk, signs and symptoms of CRC/Bowel Cancer.

Jola’s association with patient advocacy begun in 1996 when she was appointed CEO of Colon Cancer
Concern (now Bowel Cancer UK), prior to which she worked as a fundraiser in Trinity Hospice UK
In 2004 she launched and became the CEO of Europacolon – the first Pan European Not-for-Profit CRC
Patient Advocacy Organisation. Jola believed strongly in the importance of collaboration and creating
Europe wide CRC communities. Jola later expanded Europacolon into Digestive Cancers Europe,
remaining as Director until 2021. 

In 2007 she designed and produced the first inflatable walk through colon/bowel to raise awareness on the
risks, signs and symptoms of CRC 

In 2021 Jola took the decision to use and expand her skills and set up a new Not-for-Profit – Global
Healthcare Projects

Follow Jola on LinkedIn for updates on medical research and her news and views.


Jolanta Gore-Booth, Director

Lisa Lassak, Project Managent

Alexander Wright, Communications, Sales & Marketing

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