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The key goal of GHEP is to work towards encouraging healthier, happier, and more productive communities around the world.

Through longstanding involvement in health education in the UK and Europe the team at GHEP can provide a range of services to underpin the health of populations irrespective of age, gender or culture and regardless of the many obstacles that exist.

GHEP is highly respected for its reliability, high level of performance and ability to deliver no matter how great the challenge!

"Improving cancer outcomes is a major priority for the Government. Early diagnosis of cancer is key. The Government has invested over £22 million in its Be Clear on Cancer awareness campaigns and it will continue to expand and modernise its cancer screening programmes.

This is a very memorable and tangible way of bringing it home to all of us how precious and fragile our bodies are."

John Glen, MP

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Excellence in Health Awareness!
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Excellence in health awareness